So you have realised that you have some money mindset blocks lurking around!

You aren’t making the money that you desire.  Other people are over-taking you in the business stakes.  You are comparing with yourself with others who seem to be doing WAY better than you and bring in the moolah.

You feel frustrated.  You feel disappointed.  You feel angry.  You feel like… ‘Why can’t I make this thing work!’  

You don’t have enough clients.  Money isn’t flowing.  You feel utterly stuck!  The energy simply isn’t flowing and you feel totally out of alignment!

What happens if you don’t clear your money mindset blocks?

You go further into debt!

You have to give up on your dream and get a job!

In this blog I’m going to give you 5 ways you can start clearing your blocks and get that energy moving!

1.  Journaling

Grab a journal, a notepad or even some scrap paper.  At the top of the page write ‘WHat do I need to do to shift my energy, get unstuck and get money flowing?

Then write, write write.  Allow the words to flow.  See what comes out.  

Getting your frustrations out on paper will create space for the fresh ideas to come through and that’s where the gold will be.

2.  Declutter.  Declutter.  Declutter.

Clutter is stuck energy.  Where is the clutter in your home or office?  Is there clutter on your digital spaces?

Get some great music on and have a really good clutter!

Give away your clutter.  Sell your clutter.  Delete your clutter.  Energetically creating space for your desires is powerful.  Clearing your clutter with intention of making space for what you truly want sends a powerful intention to the universe…

I am making space.  I am ready to receive what I want.

3.  Go for a walk in nature

Go on your own.  Take the dog (borrow one if you haven’t got your own).  Spending time in nature not only clears the cobwebs in your mind, it helps you to connect with the univserse.  It also reminds you that we live in an abundant universe and abundance is all around.

4.  Meditate

When you meditate you give your mind time to relax.  You give your racing thoughts a space to drop away.  You create space in your mind for fresh ideas, inspiration and thoughts to come through.  Think of a container of muddy water (ok, not too muddy).  Give it time to settle and the particles drop to the bottom.  Given some time (unless you grab a stick and stir it up again) the water starts to become clear.  This is like your thoughts.  When we give our brain a rest, we get clarity.

5.  Create a vision board

Vision boards were popularised by the film and book The Secret.  It’s a great film (as well as book).  Whilst I do recommend you watch it (or read) and it’s a fabulous introduction to the Law of Attraction, it doesn’t fully go into the Law of Vibration which is also super important.  

Simply put, a vision board (or map which it is sometimes called), is pictures, words or affirmations of what you truly desire in your life.  When I do them (and I often do them as they are very powerful) I spend some time dreaming and pondering about what I would like to appear in my life.  You can get pictures from magazines or travel brochures, cut out the ones that represent what you want and stick them onto some card.  

In the past I have created huge vision boards.  Recently I created a very tiny one and put it inside a keyring.  It’s totally up to you, all sizes work and you can create them on any size paper (or card) that you want.

Put your vision board where you can see it.

6.  Raise your vibration

What you desire is on a different energetic vibration to where you are and you not having it.  When you do things that make you feel good, you are raising your vibration so that you are on the level of what you want.

When you feel frustrated, irritated, stuck you are vibrating at a much lower vibration that your desires.

Not only will you feel much better when you do things that lift your spirits and raise your vibration, like attracts like and this is how you attract what you want.

7.  Learn how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT is a bit like acupuncture for the emotions (but without the needles).  When you use EFT you can clear your negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings and hence those money mindset blocks.

Ok, so I hope these have given you some food for thought to help you boost your business and clear those money mindset blocks.

To recap, let’s look at what they are again.

1.  Journaling, which is a simple yet powerful tool to have you writing your way towards business growth and clearing those blocks.

2.  Declutter, which has to be my favourite tool to get stuck energy moving..

3.  Go for a walk in nature – not only does the exercise make you feel better, being out in nature is so refreshing for clearing your mind.

4.  Meditate.  A very simple way of clearing your mind and helping you gain new clarity on what you need to do.

5.  Create a vision board.  Such a fun and creative thing to do which sends a powerful 

6.  Raise Your Vibration.  This point is essential but often overlooked when it comes to growing your business and clearing money mindset blocks.

7.  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  A simple yet powerful tool root in the powerful philosophy of acupuncture which works to get the energy flowing.

Here’s hoping that this blog has been helpful for you and you have enjoyed reading these tips.

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