Starting a New Business?

responsibleThere are many why you might want to start a business.

Today is my 25th Wedding Anniversary and I have been reflecting on the last 25 years.

We got married in 1993 when I was studying a BSc Psychology Degree part-time and was planning on studying aromatherapy massage and reflexology.

So, why was I doing SO much learning?

Psychology fascinated me!  I wanted to study for a degree and I wanted to help myself with my mental health.  A subject that although on everyone’s lips these days, was really taboo back.   And the Aromatherapy?  I wanted to help myself and my own mental health plus leave the day job and continue my degree studies whilst helping people to manage their stress levels and feel relaxed!

My goal was to work part-time in my business so I could continue my studies whilst earning the same income that I earnt in the day job! With a lot of study and determination,

I succeeded in completing Part 1 of my Psychology Degree, qualifying as an aromatherapist and reflexologist and setting up in practice in South Manchester and Bolton!

The business was successful and I achieved my goal of creating the same income as my day job but working part-time so that I could study further!

However, I had taken on too much and was spinning many plates!  Transferring to Part 2 of the Degree caused me so much stress and ill-health I shelved it not once, but twice!

My business went from strength to strength and we then decided to start a family!   Baby Number One arrived and I returned to the business.  I thought I could have it all!  The New Baby and a Thriving Practice!  As typical of my determined nature I tried to spin those plates!   It was clients or a baby but not both!  I knew that I couldn’t ‘shelve’ a baby! ;-). The business got ‘shelved’!  Baby Number 2 came along and my New Life Purpose was to be a Full-Time Mum!Gingerbread Man

What are your reasons for starting a business?