ann-marie-clare-001From a very young age we are often taught to put others first and think of others before ourselves. But loving ourselves and practising self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential to our own wellbeing, success and confidence. When we love ourselves fully and take good care of ourselves, we are much more resilient and better able to take care of our families, run our businesses or simply create the lives we truly desire.

If we are stressed, anxious or suffering from any kind of illness or loss of a loved one or maybe the loss of a job. Self-care and loving yourself should become your number one priority. Giving yourself the self-care you need can fill your heart and soul back up and creates healing and put simply ... it feels really good. Self-care is like the emergency advice we hear on a plane from air stewards “Put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others”. When we look after ourselves, we are better equipped to fully enjoy our lives.

Self-care can be simple things like; taking a walk in the fresh air, drinking some water, a nutritious meal, a treat, a massage, some deep breathing, talking with a friend, spending time alone or spending time with company.

However, self-care isn’t always easy to do, or remember if you are stressed, anxious, tired or burnt out.

"Within 15 minutes of starting our call, I was experiencing relief. I highly recommend working with Ann-Marie"

- Lauren Wardell, California, USA

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