DSC_0029Manifesting is fun and exciting and SO much easier when the energetic blocks have been removed. You can manifest anything more easily when your vibration matches the thing or things you are trying to manifest. I have manifested a world trip, money, cars, drum teachers and FREE lessons 😉 I love drums x

Manifesting involves the Law of Attraction made popular with Rhonda Byrne’s movie The Secret. The Law of Attraction is always working whether we believe in it or not. And simply put, we get more of what we focus on.
However, when you aren’t manifesting what you truly want, it can be very frustrating. Working with a coach can be useful in helping you become clear on what you truly want, raising your vibration and clearing the energetic blocks and limiting beliefs that are blocking your desires manifesting.

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"My session took me from fear and anxiety about impending failure and doom, to trust and ease that everything is going to work out,"

- Sarah Kahil, Calgary, Canada