If you are in business – you NEED your sleep!



A great day starts with a great night’s sleep!  In fact it’s essential for your wellbeing, your success in life and also with your relationships!

If you are running a business you cannot afford to burn the candles at both ends!

Your best work (and play) will be when you are well rested and firing on all cylinders!


Check out my 10 Top Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep.


  1. Give yourself a bedtime routine so that your body winds down and your mind prepares for sleep!  This may seem childish, but your body clock will thank you for it!
  2. Turn your technology off or put it into nightshift in the evening – This might seem hard if you are in business (and rather attached to your phone), but the effort will be worth it.  You could put it in another room or place it on flight mode!
  3. Keep your bedroom cool and dark (18C/65F) – our bodies sleep better when our core temperature is cooler!
  4. Journal about your day and plans for the following day – this will help to settle any overthinking and worries and stops you worrying about forgetting important things for the following day.
  5. Avoid exercising too close to bedtime unless it’s something gentle, like yoga!
  6. If you wake up in the night – rest and do some relaxation (like focusing on your breath).  Even if you are not getting the sleep you’d LOVE, you’ll be getting some rest and relaxation!
  7. Try not to worry about not getting enough sleep, as it won’t help and will make things worse!  As long as you are taking steps to get a good night’s sleep and getting rest and relaxing your sleep will improve!
  8. If you are really tired in the afternoon – take a nap or siesta!  You don’t have to sleep for long, but taking some time out during the day to rest if you really need it will be beneficial in the long run!
  9. Practice simple meditation during the day!  Even 5 minutes here and there will be very effective in calming your mind and relaxing your body!  Then, if you have difficulty getting off to sleep or wake up in the night doing some meditation when you really need it will be easier!
  10. Address the stress and worry that is contributing to sleep problems.


Disclaimer:  These tips don’t replace medical advice!   Always consider whether you need to see your GP or medical professional!


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